Reduce Carbon Footprint

Now is the perfect time to consciously make changes in our lives to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which cause climate change. Now is the perfect opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint by taking small steps that make a big difference. 

I will measure my carbon footprint and will take one or more of the following actions to reduce it:

  • I will go meatless twice a week
  • I will adjust my thermostat
  • I will wash my laundry in cold water
  • I will go zero waste for one month 
  • I will enable my power managemenet on my computer
  • I will use double-side- printing to save paper
  • I will carpool or use the transit to work
  • I will only use lights when needed
  • I will bring lunch to work or walk to local eatery instead of driving 

I pledge to reduce my carbon footprint this year!

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