Current Petitions

Last week, the State Assembly passed House Bill 34 under the auspices of "regulatory reform". The reality is that this is a harmful piece of legislation, which only serves to roll back environmental regulations that are essential to public health and the environmental future of our beautiful state.

Our first responders such as police officers and firefighters put their lives on the line for us every day. Lets recognize their bravery and hard work with a national day of appreciation.

Now is the perfect time to consciously make changes in our lives to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which cause climate change. Now is the perfect opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint by taking small steps that make a big difference. 

I will measure my carbon footprint and will take one or more of the following actions to reduce it:

Turner Park is a living piece of history in our community. Its sunny lawn has been a gathering place for citizens young and old for the past 150 years. We thought our beloved Park would be there always, but today budget cuts are threatening to shut the Park down indefinitely. This closure is unacceptable and will take away a valuable resource for our city. Tell City Council to vote to keep Turner Park open for our children and families.

Most of us cannot begin to imagine the stress that children in need live with every day. Made vulnerable by poverty, where is a child to turn when things get even worse?No child deserves to grow up in stress and poverty. It is up to use to support children from birth to young adulthood, and create the environement they need to thrive.Join us and pledge your support for a child in need. Together, we can provide the resources children need to grow and thrive.  

Heads up!

Each of the sample petition pages included here demonstrate similar techniques for creating forms for engaging your audience.

  • Each one includes a petition counter.
  • Many of them include a checkbox allowing people to opt-in to have their signature seen publicly.
  • Each one includes a signatories tab. This allows people to see who else has signed a petition, and only shows the signatures where people have opted in to have their signature seen publicly.